Faxaway is Now Disconnected -

Thank You for Your Business


Dear valued Faxaway customers,

Faxaway is no longer in service. Please note that the Faxaway product has been discontinued as of September 1st, 2022.
If you have not converted your account or ported your number away, please view and select your new Faxaway alternative below.
Please note that as the system is now unavailable and there will be an interruption to your service until your number is converted. There may be additional delays, depending on the volume of Faxaway conversions taking place.
While the Faxaway service is now completely disconnected, there is a 60-day courtesy hold period on all numbers remaining on the Faxaway system. As of November 1st, 2022, all remaining numbers not converted will be released.

Update Your Account to Powerful New Digital Fax & Kall8 Packages 

It's time to update your Faxaway account with new tools and services from Kall8!

Improve your business performance and integrate more functionality with these new fax services and cost-saving packages, available for all converting Faxaway customers.

Choose from the these options, or port your number to a new carrier:


1. Move to  Digital Fax by RingSquared™

Update your Faxaway account to our new and improved Digital Fax service for easy and flexible faxing solutions.

Special waived set up fee for existing Faxaway customers, then pay just $14.95 / month.

Update to Digital Fax to get new features:

  •  Modern, reliable & secure Internet faxing
  • Flexible faxing options include Web to Fax, Email to Fax & Print to Fax
  • Manage in online interface or receive faxes directly in your inbox

2. Switch to a Kall8 Package

Using Faxaway for inbound faxes only? Update your Faxaway number to a complete Kall8 package to get minutes, inbound faxing, call recording, and more!

Special waived set up fee - Kall8 packages start at $14.95 & include inbound faxing

Built-in features include:

  • Business texting
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail & inbound fax
  • Custom call forwarding
  • And many more key features!

3. Place Your Number on Hold

Need to hold onto your number? Update your Faxaway account to a Kall8 holding account. 

Store your number with Kall8 for an automatic $5/month per number.

Benefits of storing your number with Kall8:

  • Keep your valuable Faxaway numbers
  • Update to a Kall8 package at any time
  • Take advantage of other Kall8 products and services in the future

Update Your Faxaway Account

Faxaway provided faxing services almost 30 years, providing thousands of customers with this essential service for business. Kall8, powered by RingSquared, now has many new, improved services to support and improve your business communications.

 To focus on our newer products and services, Faxaway services were deactivated on September 1st, 2022.If you have not converted your account or ported your number away, please select a Faxaway alternative now:

  • Update to a new Digital Fax account
  • Move your number to a Kall8 package
  • Place your fax number in a holding account

Our team members will reach out via phone and email to walk you through your service, answer any questions, and help support your account.

Contact Kall8

Call us today with any questions about converting your Faxaway account at 1-844-280-2424  


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